DEX Exchange Inc. Cryptocurrency Trading Product Overview

What Will DEX Exchange's Crypto Trading & TAOCOIN (TAO) Products Be?

DEX Exchange Inc. provides a global user experience to secure a true and tangible utilization of decentralized and centralized technology products and services that is both innovative and “Peer To Peer”.

The DEX Exchange in house trading exchange DEX’s when fully built and launched in government compliancies after beta testing, provides multiple trade pairings of TRON TRX, Ethereum ETH TRC10/20 & ERC20 Legitimate and Verified Cryptocurrency Types.

DEX Exchange Inc will also feature TRON (TRX), BITCOIN (BTC), LITECOIN (LTC), ETHEREUM (ETH) and more pairings & exchange trading upon the SHIFT market maker company applied technologies for a full KYC compliant central exchange product, the “TAO Exchange” (Technology Autonomous Organization Exchange).

DEX Exchange has the TAOCOIN (TAO) ERC20 type minted under its hood. TAOCOIN (TAO) is the utility token of the exchange for trade pairing and discounting of trade fees by holding TAO in your exchange wallet while making buys, sells and exchange trades.

TAOCOIN, with a trade abbreviated ticker: TAO, is the DEX Exchange’s native cryptocurrency. TAOCOIN is a ERC20 running natively on the Ethereum Blockchain MainNet. 

TAOCOIN is equipped with an 18 decimal divisional rating alike to Ethereum (ETH). With a limited supply of only 500 million and long term consistent buybacks of the TAOCOIN (TAO) tokens accordingly to decrease total supply by performing coinburns.


TAOCOIN (TAO) is a secure and encrypted utility smart contract deployed upon the Ethereum Foundation's blockchain.

TAOCOIN (TAO) Overview

The trade fee discounts will decrease over the course of a six year period from 50% in first year, to 0% in year six. After the first year, trade fee discounts are as such:

1. 50% year one

2. 40% year two

3. 30% year three

4. 20% year four

5. 10% year five

6. 0% trade  year six

TAOCOIN will be allowed for usage as payment towards listing fees and at times as trade competition prize winnings. Further scaling will enable POS settlement within business utility from businesses that accept cryptocurrency as a payment settlement option. DEX Exchange Inc. is scouting CoinPayments based out of Canada to integrate TAOCOIN (TAO) into their product platform for scaling liquidity and utility for use as an option globally for E-commerce and in-store payment settlements of goods and or services. Further E-Commerce web based plugins being scouted for business to business integrations.

TAOCOIN further more will scale its trade upon competent and trusted cryptocurrency exchanges as well with pairing to different cryptocurrencies among these global exchanges.

Corporate Distributions and FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Outline of most important pillars of company protocol.

A vast yet simple range of services offered by us and our partners is one of the best way we share a close knit with our users base. Adding new products and improving already implemented products to our offerings is the key for the success of our business, our customer’s satisfaction, corporate scaling and overall company retention and valuation longterm.

How can blockchain succeed in the future?

We as a company are not only blockchain and cryptocurrency based but are focused heavily on the adoption and utility longterm of blockchain technology based products, innovation and with collaborative partnership strategies to scale the overall global adoption and improvements of blockchain technology.

Bringing a safe, logical and practical utility of such an early yet simple consensus type protocol of how the world and general public can successfully benefit from blockchain technology is one of our primary longterm goals we strive to succeed at always.

How to contact us directly for business inquiries and or partnerships?

Please email us at to connect and collaborate serving you in the best and most efficient way possible. Reach out directly to one of core founder and or developer at the DEX Exchange Inc. telegram community group: DEX Exchange Community

How will the TAOCOIN (TAO) market valuation be managed? Will DEX Exchange Inc. become a publicly traded company?

DEX Exchange Inc. upon our exchange launch will always carry that the listing and utility of TAOCOIN (TAO) smart contract cryptocurrency will be managed in an executive fashion to retain a certain par valuation rate.

Longterm company buybacks of circulating TAOCOIN (TAO) will be performed throughout each year. All TAOCOIN (TAO) buybacks will be forever burned to decrease the total supply and to work towards increasing the valuation of the TAOCOIN smart contract cryptocurrency.

We have programmed into our TAOCOIN (TAO) smart contracts solidity logics and features the ability to securely and privately within the company burn and destroy the buyback coins. Further more secure company/business projects and products that are approved to list upon the DEX Exchange Inc.’s cryptocurrency trading exchange product “TAO Exchange” may pay their listing fee by way of obtaining TAOCOIN (TAO) directly from our exchange products once launched. These listing fees of TAOCOIN (TAO) paid back to our company escrow as well will be forever burned to decrease the total supply, helping lock in further the longterm valuation and growth retention of the TAOCOIN (TAO).

DEX Exchange Inc. is fully preparing to file with the SEC towards succeeding the ability to launch an IPO of company shares to general public of accredited KYC approved investors. Once 12 months have passed if after company share IPO receives acceptance by the SEC, the DEX Exchange Inc. will look to issue public trading of our company shares upon secure stock exchanges trading within the Wall Street Financial District of New York City such as securing listing upon the Nasdaq stock exchange. We are not expressing any demand or pitch of get rich type prospects to accredited investors by way of gun jumping, yet we are longterm giving disclosures of our company in house interest and pillar goals for scaling and bringing a future of products and services to the general public as a company overall. Longterm determination, strict and transparent financials of company products and services is how we look to remain in company growth and retention.

  • 25% Development Expenses
  • 10% License Fee
  • 5% Attorney Fees
  • 10% Corporate Fees
  • 10% Server Expenses
  • 5% Advisor Expenses
  • 10% Marketing Expenses
  • 25% Capital Overhead Reserves