DEX Exchange Inc. Products Overview

What are some of DEX Exchange's products and services?

The Blue Chip Club

888 BlueChipClub Access Passes ERC721A NFTs

88 of the 888 NFTs chips are Gold enabling always a premint spot and lucky holder rewards.

8 of the 88 Gold Chips are fully animated in near 4k resolution.

Research more about the BCC project to learn and participate further via the official website:

Join The Blue Chip Club Discord:

Minting and owning one of the 888 BCC NFTs grants you access to all partnerships and collaborations events, perks, rewards and mint events/mint access chances to collaborative projects.

The Blue Chip Club NFT gives you access to participate in all of the BCC onchain governance DAO voting. The first BCC DAO contract launch regards vote structuring our own full generative art and independent ecosystem collection that is fully created via our holders on chain DAO governance. Owning more than one BCC NFT or owning one of the 88 GoldChips grants increased voter power ability during our DAO on-chain voting events and processes.

DEX Exchange Inc New INTERNATIONAL REACH Product Launch

Yeetcoin YEET is a secure and encrypted utility smart contract deployed upon the Binance Foundation's smart blockchain.

Yeetcoin YEET Overview

Yeetcoin YEET enables securing a fully autonomous technology that is fully on chain of the circulation of YEET BEP20. There are 21 Trillion Yeetcoin in all. YEET is coded as deflationary in core structure, yet voting structure from holders determines consensus of all yeetable mechanisms:

contract $YEET is Context, IERC20, Ownable {
    using SafeMath for uint256;
    using Address for address;
    using SafeERC20 for IERC20;
    address dead = 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dEaD;
taxFeeonBuy = 1;
burnFeeonBuy = 1;
taxFeeonSell = 1;
burnFeeonSell = 1;
projectFeeonSell = 1;


As the YEET community grows and transacts, Yeetcoin BEP20 will reach its minimum long-term 21 million total supply via auto-burning, upon which at such a time all YEET coin burns will cease permanently and will be migrated fully zeroed out of burn percentage rates and the contract will become renounced.

Learn More: Yeetcoin Ecosystem

Corporate Distributions and FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Outline of most important pillars of company protocol.

A vast yet simple range of services offered by us and our partners is one of the best way we share a close knit with our users base. Adding new products and improving already implemented products to our offerings is the key for the success of our business, our customer’s satisfaction, corporate scaling and overall company retention and valuation longterm.

How can blockchain succeed in the future?

We as a company are not only blockchain and cryptocurrency based but are focused heavily on the adoption and utility longterm of blockchain technology based products, innovation and with collaborative partnership strategies to scale the overall global adoption and improvements of blockchain technology.

Bringing a safe, logical and practical utility of such an early yet simple consensus type protocol of how the world and general public can successfully benefit from blockchain technology is one of our primary longterm goals we strive to succeed at always.

How to contact us directly for business inquiries and or partnerships?

Please email us at [email protected] to connect and collaborate serving you in the best and most efficient way possible.

  • 25% Development Expenses
  • 10% License Fee
  • 5% Attorney Fees
  • 10% Corporate Fees
  • 10% Server Expenses
  • 5% Advisor Expenses
  • 10% Marketing Expenses
  • 25% Capital Overhead Reserves