DEX Exchange Incorporated is not an out of box white-label cryptocurrency exchange company that you may think, which are inflating the global marketplace currently.

Our company is building a secure and safe crosschain DEX custom to the Ethereum, TRON and Klatyn Blockchains, along with a scouted affiliation with SHIFT market maker company based out of the Wall Street Financial District area of New York City.

With SHIFT affiliation provisions secured together, provide's for a full central KYC provisioned and identity safe Forex and Cryptocurrency trading exchange engine to power the DEX Exchange Inc.'s scaling and corporate growth strategies longterm. This product will be branded as the DEX Exchange Inc. "TAO Exchange" (Technology Autonomous Organization Exchange) trading service product.

A perfect incorporated platform to help launch your companies campaigned products and services to the general public's retention globally.

Not only is DEX Exchange Incorporated networking a full and compliant product line of cryptocurrency and forex trading for public launch, DEX Exchange Inc. also is a full fledged decentralized application, blockchain technology, smart contract ledgering and full stack web development company.

Performing business with DEX Exchange Inc. succeeds you as our customer, with top priority in your core needs of extending success to your business scaling, your liquidity of customer growth and customer retention rates through our creative think tank and developer teams.

  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Decentralized Applications
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Smart Contract Auditing
  • DApps & Gaming Engine Products
  • Crypto & Forex Exchange Products
  • Dev and Web Tech Workshops
  • Delegate Of Blockchain Production

DEX Exchange Incorporated's first and current public product launch.

The Matrix Decentralized Competition Gaming Engine & Ecosystem

MATRIX GAMING IT, a decentralized ecosystem housing an entire economical system and community of and for gamers. In design this system protocol carries a full tournaments layer engine for creating and or participating in infinite gaming competitions.

Create teams, compete, socialize, read news and or shop a full e-commerce store with fiat and cryptocurrency accepted payment settlement abilities on clothing, ledger nano’s, professional gaming cloud-tech products and equipment.

The entire ecosystem is core functional in economical liquidity with its secure blockchain based smart contract cryptocurrency, “GamerGold (GG)” ERC20. GG has an 18 decimal precision and is housed to the Ethereum Foundation blockchain for efficiency, network transaction speeds.

All of our dev teams progresses are open source via our company Github repository. Within scaling of the executive roadmap includes constant genesis of new and upcoming gaming tournament competitions. Scaling into LIBRA blockchain smart contracts through the “Move” development language and protocol design of its tech logics is another of our core focuses on longterm scaling within the Matrix Gaming IT executive roadmap.

MATRIX GAMING IT carries a giveback incentives system protocol of 15%. 10% of all GamerGold (GG) transaction fee revenues in BTC form will allocate to charitable causes and humanitarian UN relief programs.