DEX Exchange Inc. Executive Overview

Our Corporate Brief Of The DEX Exchange Inc.'s Pillars Of Foundation

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TAOCOIN (TAO) Analytic Valuation Overview

TAOCOIN (TAO) Par Valuation = $0.02 USDC

TAOCOIN (TAO) will be integrated in among competent utilities and partnerships strategic to safe and long-term healthy growth

Current TAOCOIN (TAO) In Circulation:

TAOCOIN (TAO) In Circulation: 2,905,024 of 500,000,000


Ethereum ERC20.


Starting Value 1 TAOCOIN = $0.02 USDC
Minting Date 08-15-2020
Core Utility Use Early and premium reward access to all brand products and launches under DEX Exchange Inc company umbrella.
Token Distribution Through direct airdrops, sends and via exchanges/LP

TAOCOIN (TAO) Executive Overview

TAOCOIN (TAO) is the DEX Exchange Inc.’s main smart contract utility pairing token/digital coin. $TAO enables access to all incubations launched under the hood of our company. Hodling gives rewards currently from Blue Chip Club and Proof Of Yeet brand products and ecosystems.

Much more exploratory scaling for TAO is on the map to occur and continue growth together on this journey.

Web & Software Full Stack Development

Contract DEX Exchange Inc. for your first or next business product of web based or desktop software and mobile device app needs.

Smart Contract Production

Contract DEX Exchange Inc. for your first or next product of solidity based smart contract product needs among a variety of compatible blockchains.

Smart Contract Auditing

Contract DEX Exchange Inc. to provide fully competent smart contract audits prior to live product(s) launch among many compatible blockchains.

Crypto Exchange & DApp Products

DEX Exchange Inc. builds and provides smart contract technology experiences for the nft, crypto and gaming professional marketplaces, brands and products and is exploring central KYC crypto trading prospects.