DEX Exchange Incorporated

Innovation of decentralized P2P applications, exchanging, brand smart contract/blockchain products, smart contract services and solidity auditing.

Utilizing blockchain technology and smart contracts, decentralized abilities of trading cryptocurrencies within the Internet Of Things (IOT) paired with full Peer To Peer transparency, gives the ability of control of trading on your own terms and only at your own comfortability and choice before a full and finalized trade. The DEX Exchange Incorporated crypto exchange is currently being built towards a government compliant public launch.

Further and current product inclusion through blockchain application (BApp) game technology products and smart contracts is housed and offered within DEX Exchange Inc.’s executive model. The ability to have fun while professionally experiencing a wide range of trade tools and charting capabilities succeeds the scaling liquidity of our company retention rates. This succeeds our executive longterm growth of globally decentralized and identity protected products for all of our customers.

Hybrid DEX Productions

Our strategic development team provides you with secure build-outs of your blockchain based company/project needs from concept to tangible for business and public utility.

Secure Smart Contracts

Solidity smart contracts specifically defined to succeed our every customer/user's core retention with access anytime and from anywhere in the world with no downtime ever through blockchain technology.

Full Stack Web Development

Need a sleek and custom website ecosystem built in line with your vision and business model/niche? Contract our web dev team to competently succeed your every need from concept to live public launch!

Gaming, Digital Art, DApps & IOT

Contract us for your UX/UI's build-outs & digital static imagery graphic designs for marketing & brand creation. DEX Exchange Inc. builds web ecosystems with in-house development building new products, while improving upon our brand products & all things IOT!